Photo Mission Winner – Let’s Get Sowing

A little later than normal but here’s the winner of our last Photo Mission – Let’s Get Sowing. It’s a beautiful photo of some seeds about to be sowed by Nina Clarke. I particularly like the muted colours in the photo and the narrow depth of field that shows the different shapes and sizes of the seed beautifully. Well done Nina.

Nina wins a mega-stylish Window Salads seed kit from the guys over at Seed Pantry, worth £14.99 each, with eight packs of seed including: Rocket, Radishes, Chillies, Lettuce (Lolla Rossa & Salad Bowl), Basil, Parsley and Spring Onions.

12 Comments on “Photo Mission Winner – Let’s Get Sowing

  1. Thank you so much! I am looking forward to my new seeds very much…and for those of you who follow my blog, yes I promise to look after and tend them well, I think I will avoid the heated propagator for these!

  2. Good photo Nina, great blog too, will return to read more!