The Solitary Fig

Well, my Fig tree has one Fig on it. It’s a start! And everyone has to start somewhere, even a tiny Fig tree that in about 15 year time will dominate the garden (that’s the plan). But I’ll take one Fig. I fretted over whether to pick it (as you do when there is but one). And I observed it as it started to move from horizontal to the tree to more curved over like it was loaded with juice. Then yesterday I touched it to give it a squeeze and it came off in my hand. Now if ever there was a sign that it’s ready…

It tasted very fragrant, like the best fig flavour you can think of. But… it wasn’t very juicy. Almost dry. Maybe I let it go too long. Anyone have any nuggets of advice on Figs?

5 Comments on “The Solitary Fig

  1. In my experience, figs aren’t actually juicy. A good one is nice and heavy and dense, but still a bit hollow, with lots of tiny crunchy seeds. Yours looks like a beauty, and really a very late harvest. My figs, brown turkeys I think, fell off the branches at that first frost a few weeks ago (i’m about 2 blocks from you on 16th)

  2. I also just had my first fig and was hesitant whether to eat it like you. This is my first time growing figs and not sure how it would turn out. I love the taste of the fruit however and look forward to a good season. Good luck!!!

  3. I have no advice on figs, but recently tasted a fig for the very first time and I really liked it. So good luck with your figs.

  4. I’d agree that they are not very juicy, but nor should they really feel dry either. The time to pick is when they have changed colour and the stalk bends over.