Gifts for the Head Gardener


It’s Chriiiiistmas! My most favourite time of the year. Because I get to put up my snow village, and dust off all my lovely Christmas ornaments, and drink Baileys every night without guilt. And of course snuggle down with my boys infront of a roaring fire and force them to watch The Snowman again, and again.

But also lovely, lovely gardening gifts. I can but dream.

Raffia – for tying all those bunches of Carrots together or gifting some Sunflowers to the neighbours.
Tool Belt – So I can at least like I know what I’m doing.
Orchard ladders – for those of us who are planning to have trees to prune come this time next year!
The New English Garden – A new book by Tim Richardson
Decomposition Notebook – I already have one but they are just lovely.
Pre-lit branches – You can find them just about anywhere really.
Micro Greens Seeds – I’d like to jump on that bandwagon.
Dramm Garden Hose – ooh colourful
Vintage Seed Packets – I could just put new seed in them!
Old Tools – Yard sales and flea markets are the best place for these.
Hunter Wellies – I promise never to get lost in my garden again.
Print of Granchester Orchard – ah, England my England.
Miniature Glass Greenhouse – I know!

4 Comments on “Gifts for the Head Gardener

  1. Tell me those deer lights are yours and (if so!) where did you get them from? Fab list and it’s given me some inspiration too!

  2. What lovely things you’ve found. I’d be very happy with them too! Hope you have a good weekend.

  3. Yes the Deer lights are mine! or at least they used to be. I had to give them away when we moved to the US as the plug was a UK one – doh!

  4. If only you got the miniature greenhouse, you would have it made!

    Congratulations on another wonderful year of blogging–I have enjoyed reading of your gardening adventures in America (harsh weather and all).

    Merry Christmas