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butternut squash
I’m back! After two weeks sweltering and cowering for shade in Greece I’m here in beautiful, lush, green England with its gorgeous fresh, cool air (ahhh!). It feels good to be home! So…what was the weather like while I was away? If mtp is anything to go by I’d say it’s been quite warm, occasionally sunny with the odd shower. Perfect growing conditions for this time of year. Everything has been growing like mad. My butternut squash plant has taken over the patch and is busy growing at least 5 fruits. The sweetcorn is nearly ready – but not quite. I had five cucumbers to harvest, three whoppers and one tiny gherkin (bless). Everything seems healthy and perky. So even though this was the season from hellfire and damnation (okay I exaggerate) and will be forever known as ‘The Year the Tomatoes Died’ – things are looking up.

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  1. Hi. Great blog which has guided me brilliantly through my first 6 months. Especially likes all the tips on sprouting parsnips!
    A question on the subject of butternut squash – How do you know when they’re ready? Is it just a question of size or do they ripen?

  2. Hi Gill, yes I bet it was hot in Greece.
    Your weather prediction was about right although it’s only warmed up in the last week in some areas.
    Where did you go in Greece and did you spot all the local allotments? I spotted loads this year now I have a lottie and found them most fascinating!

  3. as far as “the year the tomatoes died” is concerned, I actually did ok with them, it was the courgettes that were rubbish – so just for my plot i will change it to “the year the courgettes died ” if thats ok

  4. Wills – there is a trick to knowing when squash is ready. The skin will go dull and when you knock it it will sound hollow inside but it will feel quite heavy. That’s when you pick it!

    Donna – feel free to change my tag line for the year. Everyone had something that died so everyone can have a different one if they like. “I makes the rules and I breaks the rules”

  5. Hi, the photos are brilliant, this is a great blog. I just wondered if anyone can give me a tip about butternut squash. I have loads of fruit growing like mad, but they get to about 5cm then die. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Bah…we dont have any butternuts, but our tomatos have been swell – particularly our hardy russian variety, Grushovka.

    Blogs looking great as per usual

  7. They might not be getting enough water. Try watering them and use some feed (I use Tomato feed). Otherwise you might have some kind of fungal disease.

    Don’t forget to nip the tips out once each stem has set around 3 or 4 fruit. The plant can only cope with so much.

  8. I’m relieved to see my squash are the same size as yours. I thought they had gone wrong like my courgetes, going mouldy all summer. Lovely blog glad I found you will looking up raspberry canes!