On Vacation

seed head
mtp is on holiday. Normal digging, weeding and planting will resume soon. Be patient.

6 Comments on “On Vacation

  1. Hope it was somewhere nice and a little dry and sunny. Its a good time as the garden here really needs to dry out – at least we’re not having to water!!

  2. Hello fellow gardener-
    Your website is delightful. I want to thank you for the great photograph. It is now the background wallpaper on my laptop.

    Bobbi Reichtell
    Cleveland, Ohio

  3. Do you have an email subscription available? I want to get updated when you have new posts. Thanks!

  4. Hola!
    Did you leave the gladioli in or take them out? Whatever, I hope they did well for you this year. Ours were/are outstanding; probably all the rain!

    Looks like the growing season has been the same for you in Bath as ours has been in Shrewsbury. Wet and late, with some things doing well (but late!) and others dismally (or not at all!) 2007 – the year the tomatoes died. Still, the French beans are the tastiest ever. I still cannot believe the way the same varieties can taste different depending on conditions. I suppose that’s why so much supermarket veg tastes of sweet FA (I’m thinking Kenyan manegetout and beans).

    By the way, I cannot taste the difference between bought and home grown onions once they are stored a few weeks, but when pulled and cooked straightaway they are perhaps a little different and seem to go ‘creamy’ when sauteed. I’ve given up growing them as there is so much else to fit in and the white rot is rampant on our patches.
    Happy digging!
    Rus, Shrewsbury UK

  5. Hi Gill,
    I have pulled 35-45 large garbage bags of
    tumbleweed and yellow “flowers” around my barn. I absolutely love being outside and working hard and getting dirty…I wonder what it would be like to plant something besides
    grass (for me it would be flowers.) Every
    time I see juicy green grass…I imagine a horse thinking…that looks sooo delicious.
    Love, Marta

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