Crystal Apple Cucumbers

Just a sneaky look at my Crystal Apple Cucumbers. They are one of this year’s successes and are so unlike any cucumber that I’ve ever seen that I can’t stop taking photos of them.

They’re an old Victorian variety and pretty much impossible to find in the shops – which makes growing them all the more rewarding. You grow them in exactly the same way as normal outdoor cucumbers. The plant looks exactly the same except when the fruits form they produce yellow, spiky balls.

They taste the same as regular cucumbers too. The only thing you need to watch is when you pick them. Let them get too big and they tend to be full of seeds. Pick them while they’re still golf-ball sized and they are wonderfully crunchy and sweet.

I’ll definitely be growing this variety again next year.

8 Comments on “Crystal Apple Cucumbers

  1. Wow! Those look intriguing. Did you get them from a regular seed company, or are they saved seeds from a friend… or something else?

  2. I bought the seeds from Victoriana Nursery linked in the post. They’
    re great

  3. Those look wonderful!

    I’ve recently discovered your blog and wanted to you to know that the green tomato chutney recipe you have has absolutely saved us! I’ve been making green tomato *everything* because of blight this year, and so far, yours is the best recipe I’ve found. So, thanks!

  4. I agree,they are great.
    I’ve grown Crystal Apple and Crystal Lemon before,and to be honest they are absolutely Identical.
    So If you can’t find Crystal Apple seed then go for Crystal Lemon which are more available.
    P.S what camera do you use,you get some cracking macro shots.

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