Tomatoes At Last!

Success! My Tomatoes are ripe. And I managed to pick these before holiday too. Brilliant. The rest of the year can be rubbish now – I have my Tomatoes. I’m happy.

13 Comments on “Tomatoes At Last!

  1. here in the us, the 90 degree summer weather has had ours ripening since june/july…if only we actually needed an eight-foot wide plant.

  2. Lovely, some of mine have stated to ripen but they are on the path if front of my window, I probably need more sun.

  3. They look great. Congratulations.
    Are they really Ferline? Mine look quite different, much longer and more plum-like in shape. Outside my Ferline have succumbed to blight despite being described as ‘blight resistant’. One inside the conservatory is hanging on but only just.

  4. They look lovely. I thought Ferline would be quite big, like beefsteak tomatoes, but they look ‘normal’. Maybe I’ll give them a try after all next year, or the one after.

  5. SOOOOoooooooo jealous. I have 2 which are going a sort of mottled orangey greeny yukky colour. Apart from that? Green. All green. Good job I like chutney!

  6. You lucky thing, all mine are ripe but the area around the stalk hasnt ripened at all leaving a big green hard piece in the middle of the fruit. They still taste great though so not too bothered by it!!

    I wondered if i could ask some advice from you and your fellow bloggers, I’ve got my tomatoes in the greenhouse in soil, (previously I’ve used grow bags) I’ve been told that I’ll need to sterlise the soil. This sounds a bit too harsh to me – is it necessary?

  7. I got back from holiday today and picked my first half dozen. It made me insanely happy too! Funny, isn’t it?