Definitely Not Uniformly Orange and Spheroid


The Tomato harvest is in and there’s tons of them! This little haul was just one picking last week. There are more ready now. The large black ones are the Black Krim that I’ve been growing in the greenhouse. They taste amazing. Strangely, one of the plants is producing large yellow Tomatoes instead of the usual dark red with black tops. They taste the same as the rest but look differently. I’m saving the seed to see if I can replicate it next year.

The others are Speckled Roman, Italian Roma, and Yellow Pear.

All of them have a wonderful sweet taste and I’m very happy with them except the Italian Roma. I know they are best for canning but they really do have a mealy texture and they are not very sweet. Maybe the second wave will be better.


The haul doesn’t stop with Tomatoes. My Artichokes are still producing amazing globes and my California Orange Wonder Peppers are starting to turn colour, and the Hot Chillies are ripening too.


It’s all happening in the garden here. We can’t keep up with what’s coming out of the garden – especially the Squashes!

The title of this post comes from a very funny video called ‘The Food Snob’s Guide to Heirloom Tomatoes‘. Watch it. Please!

8 Comments on “Definitely Not Uniformly Orange and Spheroid

  1. What a lovely looking collection of tomatoes! And the globe artichokes look great, one thing I’ve not grown myself.

  2. Your produce looks great. I know exactly what you mean when you said “It’s all happening in the garden here. We can’t keep up with what’s coming out of the garden – especially the Squashes!”….that is exactly how I feel lol. I have a pile of courgettes and patty pans sitting in my kitchen waiting for me to do something with them.

  3. Wonderful looking tomatoes. I’ve got mountains of squashes, courgettes and patty pans as well, they are starting to scare me. But it is such a lovely time of year – this is what it’s all about I think.

  4. What a fantastic range of tomatoes! I love to see proper grown fruit and vegetables and not the polished all same shape ones in the shops.
    I’ve yet to try growing tomatoes and other vegetables after I’ve finished getting my plot ready (gardens been having an overhaul this year). I’ve an abundance of loganberries though.
    I would like to try the Black Krim, looks interesting!

  5. Hello xxx thanks for the link to the video!
    Great fun! And tongue in cheek!
    I didn’t bother with any special toms this year, because of the blight of the last few years here! Yours look great xxxxx
    Nicola x UK

  6. What a beautiful collection of unusual tomatoes – well done. Liked the video very much. Most of the population have become so sensitized with fruit and vegetables looking uniform but its the taste that really matters.
    Your artichokes look great as well – looking forward to planning next seasons veg plot.
    Yvonne UK

  7. NFL your blog is an inspiration that keeps me going despite of two consecutive years of utter disappointment :( . Keep up the good work.

  8. Nice harvest! I’ve been experimenting with Balkonstar and other smaller types this year. Black Krim is definitely on my ‘gotta try that’ list!