Truck Farm – a Garden in a Truck


A few nights ago my Master Gardeners group had a movie night at their vegetable demo garden. We slung an old canvas over a frame, rigged up a projector and plonked our camping chairs in the grass. There were treats to share including freshly popped corn and we all settled down to listen to the crickets and watch Truck Farm.


It was a tounge-in-cheek documentary about a guy from Brooklyn who, in the absence of any actual garden, planted a kitchen garden in the back of his truck. He then proceeded to sell the produce to New Yorkers by driving to their house and letting them pick their own.

It was a very amusing film. I highly recommend seeing it. It was entertaining, inspirational, happy and a bit sad but ultimately happy. And the whole thing was narrated in song by two musicians who kept popping in and out of the scene.

After the film was over we all helped pack up and carry things to people’s cars. All-in-all a very enjoyable evening spent with new gardening friends.

You can watch the Truck Farm trailer on You Tube but you have to pay to see the actual film.

6 Comments on “Truck Farm – a Garden in a Truck

  1. Sounds like a really great evening – what a lovely idea. Your Master Gardeners group sounds wonderful!

  2. Hi My Tint Plot!

    Just came across your blog whilst looking for info on Borlotti beans :)

    It lovely! I’m a chef new to gardening so its perfect for me and I’ll definitely be stopping by again!

    Gemma :)

  3. Love it! (And the idea of a gardener’s group.) In the absence of a greenhouse, I planted seedlings in my car, it worked brilliantly. Seriously! I blogged about it (plant my ride.)