Final Winter Harvest

This is my final Winter harvest – a few Leeks, the last of the Christmas Potatoes, and a handful of Shallots. It looks like the makings of a soup to me! But if I was really relying on my garden to feed me then our family would be entering a very, very lean period indeed and I would probably be sacked as the primary food grower – understandably I think.

10 Comments on “Final Winter Harvest

  1. You can live off pickles and chutney can’t you? :-)

  2. Your veggies look gorgeous! That should be a really tasty soup… and it always tastes better when you’ve grown it yourself, doesn’t it?

  3. A nice haul indeed – well, to those of us who only have a few weedy looking leeks left in the ground. : ) Maybe I should refer to them as baby leeks!

  4. I can imagine steeping some whole milk with those shallots and then making a creamy leek soup to have with crusty bread. Lovely for a cold day.

  5. Hmmm, didn’t you have a baby not so long back? You probably have a decent excuse ;>)

  6. Last soup made today: celeriac, parsnip and carrot.

    I have a few cabbages in the ground, but we’ll wait and see if they develop. Lots sown in the greenhouse over the last few days.

    Roll on spring!

  7. It’s not as easy as you imagine it would be to be self-sustaining. Good job our ancestors managed it!

    I’ve got about the same left on my plot with a few parsnips left (not sure how edible they are though!).

    Good idea about soup – about time I made some!

  8. Looks like a good haul. We still have parsnips and leeks with PSB to come soon hopefully!

  9. Excellent haul indeed! Those leeks look great. As some have already mentioned, a soup would be ideal I think…