Started Sowing

I started sowing today. I sowed a row of Radish, some Carrots (Early Nantes) and some Oakleaf Lettuce in the coldframe. I also sowed some Broadbeans (Bunyards Exhibition) in terracotta pots and put them into the coldframe to germinate. Later on I’ll transplant them into the ground.

It feels good to get some plants on the go. Spring is tantalizingly close now and on sunny days it almost feels like it’s here already. But I’m being on the cautious side and focusing all my efforts on the coldframe right now. After all it is still February!

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  1. I thought it seemed a bit early to be sowing radish, carrots and lettuce, until I read that you have a cold-frame. Not having one of those, I’m trying to get the ground ready for sowing in March, although I have put a few first earlies in a potato grow-bag and my broad beans have been in the ground a few weeks now.

  2. I moved into a house with a garden recently (finally!) and I’m really enthusiastic about getting the garden up to scratch and planting veg. At the moment it’s quite a baron place, but hoping to change that around completely in a year.
    I was going to have a special veg patch, but I’ve been warned it’s very high maintenance. Seeing what you’re doing with a cold-frame looks a better idea however, so maybe I’ll give that a go.

  3. I’ve sown some chillies for kitchen window sill growth and some tomatoes for good measure. I know it’s a bit early, but I keep them indoors until it heats up and then stick them outside when it’s warm enough. I just like to see the seedlings coming up. It warms my heart :-)

  4. I put some sweet potatoes out to chit. It’s a bit early, but they need a long growing season. It’s too early here for anything in the cold frame, but will start the tommies soon. It’s all starting!

  5. Have a few on the go myself. I find it hard to resist and some things are probably a bit too early.

  6. Arghhh! I haven’t even stepped in the garden since Christmas. Am still trawling seed catalogues to decide which varieties I’m going to plump for.
    Well done you!

  7. Me too. Couldn’t wait any longer. Like you, lettuce and broad beans, but also some broccoli. All in the trusty ancient fleece lined plastic mini greenhouse.

  8. I have grown broad beans before, Bunyards Exhibition two rows and they did well, but I gave most of them away to my neighbour. I followed the garden books instructions on pinching the tops out at a certain height to stop black fly and it worked. This year I am growing some Parsnips (although I don’t seem to get them to germinate), Swiss Chard, Beetroot, some more Woodland Strawberries as well as Foxgloves, Summer King, wild flowers and butterfly annuals.

  9. I got a propagator for Valentines day! (OK i did hint a little!) I can’t wait for the weekend. I have 6 little seed trays and I’m going to plant parsley, oregano, chillis, basil and two kinds of lettuce. Oh happy days. I have some old windows too and I’m hoping that himself might be persuaded to help me build a cold frame. I’ve been hunting the net for suggestions on how to make it, any suggestions welcome!

  10. Its a hard time of year to be restrained. I keep looking at the packets of seed piled up in the box and wondering if I couldn’t perhaps just try a little of this, a little of that. I am restricting myself to similar things to you, though will add some peas in loo roll middles today. And waiting for March…

  11. I just love your photos – your pots look great sitting on that wall.

    It is good to get some plants growing – makes you feel like spring is on it’s way.

    My blackcurrant is starting to bud and the raspberries are too – although I wish they wouldn’t keep wandering off from where I planted them!

    Think I might follow your lead and put some carrots in now.

  12. Wow, is it that time already? I don’t have a cold frame or a greenhouse, but boy, I’d better start buying some seeds!!

  13. I love the time of year when you can finally start sowing some seeds. Can’t wait to see the results!

  14. I really like your terracotta starting pots. They look great. I should start sowing already. but my cold frame cap flew away with some strong winds. I will have to wait until next month.

  15. How exciting that it’s approaching sowing time again. Your little pots look so sweet lined up, full of promise. Looking forward to seeing how they get on. x

  16. Just discovered you & UK Veg Gardeners – looking forward to following your site.

  17. Sorry, blonde moment. Website thing went completely wrong & did full circle back to you!

  18. It is so tempting to plant too much too early isn’t it? I am in a rush to get everything going too soon. Patience!

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