‘Rainbow Mixed’ Radish

About a month ago I sowed a row of mixed Radish seed, Rainbow Mixed. Radish grow very quickly and they also run to seed quickly too so you have to keep your eye on them and harvest them just at the right time. This is usually easily done when you sow the same variety but […]

Very First 2011 Harvest

Harvested our first crop of the season – Radish. I gave Jackson the honour, he pulled it up by the leaf and kept it at arms length until I had identified it. Then he said, “Can I eat it?”. Well yes of course you can. So I washed it and sliced it and gave him […]

Radish Seedlings Emerging

It seems like a long time since my coldframe has seen any action but I took a look in there today and found these little fellas – some Radish that I sowed about a week ago. Radish are pretty hardy blighters and are usually one of the first things I sow. They come up quickly […]

First Harvest – Radish

This is the first real harvest of the year (if you only count seed that was sown this season). What more can be said – growing, harvesting, and eating, that’s what it’s all about right? Anyone else harvesting from this year’s sowings yet?.