First Strawberries

strawberry harvestI picked the first of the strawberries last night and ate half of them with some ice cream. Boy were they sweet! Last year, the strawberry harvest was poor – mainly due to my neglect. The birds had most of them and what they left behind the slugs cleared up. This year I made a pointed effort to secure the harvest and it’s worked. Firstly, I doubled the amount of strawberry plants we had by letting virtually every plant grow a runner. Then I potted them up and let them grow on for a few months. Then in early Autumn I planted them in the ground. Come spring time I spruced them up with a quick trim and put oodles of straw around them. I also gave them a sneaky feed of ‘Growmore’ whenever I could. Then once they had flowered I put netting around them to deter the birds. And this is the reward for my efforts. I couldn’t be happier!

7 Comments on “First Strawberries

  1. They look fantastic! – great blog by the way Ive been lurking for a while and I thought I would say I use the site often to help me with my first year of allotmentiering :D

  2. They look great ….wish mine did, this is my first year with them BUT I have had three decent sized ones so far.

  3. Oh well – they don’t crop so well in the first year. Next year you’ll have loads – guarenteed!

  4. I have some strawberry plants in terracotta troughs, this year they only developed one flower (4 plants). Does anyone know why I had no flowers?

  5. how many strawberry plants were they from coz i have 7 plants but i dont have that many…