Off to the plot

basket with pumpkins in itI’m off to the plot to plant my pumpkin seedlings. The one at the top is Uchiki Kuri and the one below is Futsu. I’m very excited about growing pumpkins this year as we didn’t grow any last year. I have left two good sized beds (around 2 metres each) for them so they’ll have enough space to roam. I also have a Butternut Squash seedling that was given to me. The string is to tie up the Raspberries and the soapy water is for the family of black fly currently living on my broadbeans. Their days are numbered!

2 Comments on “Off to the plot

  1. Pumpkins where so much fun last year, I said that was all I wanted to grow this year (& sunflowers). But, of couse, that didn’t work. I seeded them directly in the garden last weekend so I hope they’ll be sprouting soon. Enjoy!

  2. Hi
    I grew Uchiki Kuri last year (and again this!). It’s really delicious and tastes very nutty – like peanut butter. I’m also trying Futsu this year like you. I’ll keep an eye on your blog to compare how we get on.
    best of luck