First Sweetcorn

What a gorgeous day it was yesterday – and how miserable it is today. Oh well. We had a BBQ at the weekend in honour of the first sweetcorn to emerge from mtp. There were only two ready and despite there being three of four earwigs homing inside them (which Ryan fed to our resident house spider, Pidge) they tasted fine. We stripped them bare and laid them on the BBQ to get nice and toasty before munching them away in a matter of mintues. Here’s a picture of Ryan doing just that. The sweetcorn tastes so yummy (Ryan says it’s his favourite thing to emerge from mtp) that we’ve decided to devote one very large bed to it next year. Sweetcorn heaven here we come.

4 Comments on “First Sweetcorn

  1. Oooooooh! So envious of you having sweetcorn. Our plants were decimated by a late frost. We do have one survivor and as it’s close to a neighbour’s very impressive block of sweetcorn, we’re hopeful that it’s been pollinated. It looks as though there might just be two cobs on the way. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

    Like you, we intend to have a big bed for corn next year, and I’m taking no chances with frost at all. They will be pampered and protected!

  2. yeah the sweetcorn is sooo good! Some of the kernels are all jacked up and twisted but they still taste amazing!
    Go for it….

  3. Oooh that looks so darn good! hey MTP, I wanted to take a minute and delurk and compliment you on your blog. I love it. I also want to thank you for allowing me to feature it in my 100 Compliments of Summer! Keep posting these great posts and I sure wish I could test some of that sweet corn! Thanks again!

  4. Wow thanks Cyli – Me and my little ole blog are honoured to be part of your list.