Success with Sweetcorn

I’m having some success with Sweetcorn. It’s already pretty big and showing signs of fruiting. It’s been pretty windy here over the last few days and so I was a bit worried about it. But as long as the great dane stays out of the garden (unlike last year) then I think we should be […]

Giant Sweetcorn

Actually, this is probably not giant sweetcorn but more ‘normal’ sweetcorn. But wow, I wish my sweetcorn were this tall. Mine is about half the height of this one I found in Colorado. Sweetcorn really is a warm weather vegetable isn’t it? It loves to be baked in hot, hot sun and in the UK […]

First Sweetcorn

What a gorgeous day it was yesterday – and how miserable it is today. Oh well. We had a BBQ at the weekend in honour of the first sweetcorn to emerge from mtp. There were only two ready and despite there being three of four earwigs homing inside them (which Ryan fed to our resident […]