Harvesting Highland Burgundy Red

I planted my Highland Burgundy Red Potatoes back in April. Today, I harvested the first ones. The plants had flowered and they were getting big enough to start flopping over onto my Lettuce so I thought it would be a good time to start the harvest. I recently bought a vintage Potato fork (with flat […]

Potatoes in at Last

I planted my Potatoes. Finally!. After the mice ate my seed Potatoes I bought some more and hung them in their netting in the potting shed. They sprouted nicely and I managed to get them in the ground just before Easter. I had a few left and so I left them on the potting bench […]

Planting my Salad Potatoes

I planted my Salad Potatoes, Pink Fir Apple, today. They have been happily chitting on the kitchen windowsill for about a month. Ideally, I would chit them in the shed near a window but the mice can’t be trusted after they swiped my heritage varieties a few years ago. I planted them about 10cm deep, […]

New (ish) Potatoes

I’ve been harvesting my New Potatoes for a few weeks now – later than last year I’m sure. But they still taste amazing! I didn’t get to grow my saved seed Potatoes that were given to me last year. Why? Because mice ate them! Can you believe it? It makes me laugh that I wrote […]

Do Potatoes Cross-Pollinate?

I’ve started to chit my Potatoes. As you can see I’ve got a small clutch of a standard variety of first earlies (Rocket) and two rather unusual varieties (Congo and Highland Burgundy Red). The smaller seed Potatoes were given to me while I was on a pruning course last year. I put them in an […]