Harvesting My Artichokes from Seed


I harvested some Artichokes this week. Two globe and one purple. I’m so impressed that the plants are producing Artichokes this year and I only grew them from seed this season. Artichokes are big, big plants but if you have the room and full sun all day they are the perfect architectural plant giving both height and abundance.

Some of the globes did have some black fly on them – the bane of Artichokes. You can either spray them with a light water and washing up liquid mix or power wash them off with the hose pipe. I prefer powering them as it’s much more fun.

We normally eat them roasted and dipped in melted butter but there are some great recipes over at The Artichoke Blog too.

5 Comments on “Harvesting My Artichokes from Seed

  1. The plants are about 4 foot now. But once they start producing artichokes they have a very tall central stem that can get 6 foot or more.

  2. Thanks! I’ll plant them someplace where I can place a stepladder nearby. Or perhaps I’ll call my neighbor down the street, who is 6’5″ tall, to help me harvest. :-)