Mini Summer Harvest

This is what I harvested from my garden last night. A clutch of green Tomatoes. I had forgotton to stake one of my plants and the top fell over and snapped so I had to cut it off. But that’s okay because I’ve been looking for an excuse to make more Green Tomato Chutney for a while now.

The first of this season’s Peaches. Actually, I found this one on the floor so I had no choice but to eat it. It tastes lovely, slightly hard on one side, but still beautifully fragrant.

Then a small group of Raspberries. I have to get in there before my little boy does. I think this is the biggest harvest of Raspberries I’ve had to myself all summer!

And finally some Asters. A bit of an eclectic mix but sometimes that’s just what you get when you have a small plot. You gotta take what comes your way, haven’t you?

3 Comments on “Mini Summer Harvest

  1. Absolutely, my asters have just come out too. Thankfully no need for the green tomato chutney recipe yet as no blight this year. Good job as the cupboard is still full of the stuff from 08 & 09. Home grown peaches, sounds fantastic!

  2. It’s funny- while May – beginning of June were horrible and it is now quite rainy here in Belgium for the past 10 days- for the most part we had a super hot sunny summer- yet my plot is awful – raspberries however are doing fabulously- picked two more liters worth last night- if I ever figure out how I am doing it I will let you know (local fruit market actually offered to buy raspberries from me!) for the rest not so good- though after 3 years of trying I did finally get a decent carrot (only 1 but still progress!)