More Than You’ll Ever Need

I took this photo at the weekend – since then this little Courgette plant has pumped out a further 4 courgettes. We can’t keep up. I’ve tried giving them away at work (minor success) and I’ve tried making courgette and chocolate cake (minor disaster), but ultimately we still have too many. And to think that I had 13 courgette plants to begin with! They all died one by one. Some from over watering, some from sunburn, some from wind burn, some from just pure neglect. But thank heavens I neglected them because if I hadn’t we would be drowning in a sea of green, spongy vegetables by now, and mtp would be no more. Sniffle.

6 Comments on “More Than You’ll Ever Need

  1. We LOVE courgettes. No such thing as to many, we invested last year in a book of 150 courgette recipes and we are only on page four. May give over our whole plot next year to courgettes and marrows ( only kidding )

  2. 150 courgette recipes! – can you spare me one?

  3. I’m currently benefitting from a deluge of courgettes. I love them, but I can’t wait for them to die back, if only so that I can rescue the leeks that they’ve assimilated.

    I’m very impressed by a courgette cookbook! Any courgette chutney recipes?

  4. Thanks Al – I find taking photos of plants really easy. People are different of course!

  5. Hi There

    I’m not sure that you want questions here, but I was wondering if anyone could give some advice on my Courgette plant, it is my first one (Given to me by my grandma) and is planted in a pot. Recently the leaves have been browning and wilting and i don’t know what i’m doing wrong. I have been watering every day as the soil is dry by evening, am I over watering?