Gooseberry & Elderflower Crumble

When I discovered that mtp housed what seemed like half the UK’s gooseberry bush allocation I was perturbed. What on earth would I do with all those tangy berries? Start a jam-making cottage industry, give them to charity, sell them on the intranet at work? Or, here’s a novel idea, just learn to cook with them. I decided on the latter and happily discovered an exciting new ‘combo’, one that I had never come across before: gooseberry and elderflower. Surely, great cooking is all about combos. Think about cheddar and apple, peanut butter and jelly, or my personal favourite strawberries and champagne. Every yin has it’s yang and elderflower is apparently gooseberry’s So I tried it, I made this, using elderflower cordial instead of flowers (because I didn’t have any). It was lovely. So I decided to invest in an elderflower bush. (£7.99 from local garden centre). I chose this plant because of its beautiful black foliage, the way the pink flowers stand out from the black backdrop and it’s name, Black Lace. Brought back a few memories of family wedding receptions in the ‘crazy’ 80s.

6 Comments on “Gooseberry & Elderflower Crumble

  1. A wonderful post, except that I am now humming Agadoo!


    I think I might hate you.

    In between pushing pineapple and grinding coffee.

  2. Have you thought about gooseberry wine? I’m sure it would be quite easy to make it into something drinkable, afterall you’re adding tons of sugar to make it alcoholic!

    Well done with the plot, I’ve got nothing but spuds to eat at the moment but they’re lovely! :o)


  3. Hello!
    Just wanted to post as a beneficiary of mtp’s abundant courgette croppage.
    I made some ratatouille and kebabs with some of the generously donated courgettes at the weekend and they tasted delicious! Thanks MTP ;)

  4. The Black Lace may not be a bush!! Mine is over 6ft tall. (I’m a feet & inches gal!No metric in my life)It’s Sambus Nigra.

  5. I caught the tail end of a Gordon Ramsay recipes for Gooseberry Elderflower crumble on tv but have been unable to find the recipe anywhere. He cooked the gooseberries with a little OJ. Does anyone have this recipe please?