New Year – New Beginnings

I spent the day in the garden today, looking and learning about what’s new at mtp. On the surface of it the garden looks like it has shut down for the winter. Dank and brown, you could be mistaken for thinking that there’s not much going on. You’d be wrong. Look more closely and there’s lots of things springing into life (albeit slowly and sluggishly underneath all the frost). 

I was surprised to see that the Garlic cloves I planted back in November are already sprouting. I have put them in the cold frame (with the lid open so that I don’t have to water them all the time). The soil is frozen solid but the tiny shoots are pushing their way through. Very encouraging. 

I noticed too that the Chives are already re-growing. A few months ago when the first frosts came the Chives died back. But now new, stronger, frost resistant shoots are sprouting up from the base ready for next year. They are always one of the first things to flower in my garden and so I’m looking forward to their display in early Spring. 

The Rhubarb too is making a bid for freedom. A tiny, tiny orange shoot is just about breaking through the soil. Soon the familiar curly green leaves will make an appearance too. Rhubarb crumble, anyone?

I’m so excited about this coming year. This will be the year that Jackson can finally help me in the garden. The year when I harvest the first Peaches from my tree, the year when my Tomatoes don’t die from blight (I have a cunning plan which I’ll do a separate post about) and of course the year when I finally manage to grow an edible Cauliflower. After last year’s Parsnip success, anything’s possible!

A Happy New Year to you all – may 2009 bring you joy, love and lots of fresh and tasty vegetables.

4 Comments on “New Year – New Beginnings

  1. and the same new year greetings to you. Life is just like growing vegetables……….we begin with optimism………endure disappointments……..enjoy small triumphs …….and end up sort of happy with what we get(in a good year)

  2. Herein Portland Oregon USA we have been having lots of snow over the last two weeks straight temp. in the 20s–a foot of snow is a lot I to us. I thought my lettuce would be doomed. My lettuce is under a clouche–a frost protector. Well to my surprise my lettuce is still growing. I planted in late Sept. a variety of lettuces to see which would do best in my garden. Well they are growing but still small. I put some compost around them and I am crossing my fingers for a mucho granda havest!! Happy New Year!!!!

  3. I wish you lots of fun with your toddler in the garden!!! I have two now and they are desperate to get out there and get their hands dirty. We have two hens since just before Christmas so that has added some extra excitement too :)