Why Frost is Amazing!

I get really excited when it’s frosty. Not when it’s just a bit frosty, but a really hard, deep frost that never goes away all day. It’s even better if the sun is out – but I’ll take frost whatever the weather.

It’s my favourite kind of weather. Actually, that’s not true, snow is my favourite kind of weather but because I live in England and there is very little chance of seeing any snow in the winter these days, I have attached myself to frost as the next best thing.

And sometimes it is. If you squint your eyes a bit the kind of frost that covers the hills and trees, and paths and leaves and even individual blades of grass, really does look like snow.

It’s frosty today and I love to take photos on days like today. I have a folder on my laptop called ‘Frost’ where I keep all of my photos of frosty days – don’t worry it’s backed up! 

As a gardener frost has another significance too. Contrary to popular belief frost is your garden’s secret best friend. Frost kills, bugs, disease and viruses. If we have a mild winter (here in England at any rate) then the summer will be awash with pests and nasties partying it up in your garden – and we don’t want that do we. Yes, frost is a good thing all round.

But you must be prepared for it. Cloches, cold frames and lengths of horticultural fleece are a must in this weather. If I have anything that I think might not withstand a hard frost then I cover it up, if only just for the night. 

I also find it best to have some of my winter digging done before the real frosts come. This is ideal if your soil is clay-based or lumpy. You can rough dig it and let the frost break it down. Nature has way more energy than I do so I let it take the strain.

But most of all I try to remember to enjoy my garden during the winter months as well as the summer. It’s too easy to stay inside, with warm toes by the cozy fire and forget to get your hat and gloves on and get out there.

So that’s where I sign off. Guess where I’m going?

9 Comments on “Why Frost is Amazing!

  1. Here here to frost. It’s beautiful isn’t it?!? I got a bit carried away over Hogmanay taking loads of photos of the amazing inch long frost covering everything where we were staying in Scotland. Whole landscapes looking like it had just snowed and really cool ice particle formations when you looked closely. Might post some pics on my blog although my camera is only a mobile phone one. New Year resolution – to save up for a proper digital SLR :)

  2. Lovely frosty photos. Frost can be deadly yet it also makes things beautiful. Perhaps it is dangerously deceptive; the femme fatale of weather?

  3. I never looked at frost as a friend before, interesting concept. Here in Colorado our weather changes so fast I always have my cloches and row covers handy to protect my plants from frost and hail. I just started my garden blog and your’s was one of the first I read when I was reading other garden blogs. Love it!

  4. I love taking frosty photos too and it is so satisfying going for a walk and it crunching under foot.

  5. You really should get out more.

    To suggest that “in England there is very little chance of seeing any snow in the winter these days” is rubbish.

    Half of England was covered in snow last week, including Gloucester, barely an hours drive from you! As for the north, if you consider that England, snow is a regular feature of the winter calendar.

    Nice pics. Brrrrr.

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  7. Hi Peter,

    Of course I consider the north England (I’m from the North West). If you’ll notice, I wrote this post before the snows came.