Passing Peas Over the Fence


The Peas have reached their height. I officially have more Peas (these are Green Arrow) than I can eat. Time to start dishing them out the neighbours I think. I love this time of year. When everything is in abundance. Nothing feels too excessive because there is always more where that came from.

And that’s what it’s all about. Once your own needs are met then you can start being generous with others. I love nothing better than to give someone a Lettuce and tell them what variety it is. Or pass some Peas over the fence just in time for dinner. Brilliant.

I’m interested to know what is the crop you like to share? And which do you keep for yourself?

5 Comments on “Passing Peas Over the Fence

  1. I hoard peas because they are my favorite. My favorite part of gardening is sitting on the front porch with my husband shelling peas. I share green beans, tomatoes, sometimes cukes and potatoes.

  2. Wonderful looking peas. I haven’t tried ‘Green Arrow,’ but one year I grew ‘Alaska’ – a very good pea.
    Tomatoes! I love it when I have enough to share, and this year’s crop is looking good. Also, we have a friend that likes peppers, so we grow extra for her – 10 plants this year.
    Now that you are living in the US, celebrate Independence Day – go see some fireworks tonight – the kids will love it!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  3. Wonderful Peas- I have yet to have success with peas- but then again, I haven’t had success with a lot of things- partly due to lack of skill and partly because I do not put in the time required

    but, I do have incredible success (luck, most likely to somehow having just the right conditions) with raspberries (autum bliss) I usually have raspberries from May until I can no longer be bothered to harvest (end November or so) and Kiwi fruit- I apparently planted one green kiwi and one yellow (or so I have been told) and the fruit are neither green nor yellow (but they are more on the green side) and fairly decent too- especially as my kiwis have been planted for less than five years and yet last year we had over 700 edible sized fruit- a bit much for 2, even with Jam. Both the raspberries and kiwi get shared to colleagues and neighbors alike.

  4. It’s strawberries for me. I love them and always grow too many, but I rarely have any trouble finding takers for the excess!