Passing Peas Over the Fence

The Peas have reached their height. I officially have more Peas (these are Green Arrow) than I can eat. Time to start dishing them out the neighbours I think. I love this time of year. When everything is in abundance. Nothing feels too excessive because there is always more where that came from. And that’s […]

Peas Are Fab Aren’t They?

Home-grown Peas. You really can’t beat them. I love the way the plant itself is so fresh and green. It’s the very epitome of Spring. The leaves are intricate and interesting. And catch the light beautifully. The flowers are small and pearly white and hide from view like they’re shy of something. And then one […]

Time to Deploy the Peasticks

After a wonky start due to some cheeky little mice my Peas are doing very well. I have virtually a whole row of them that are about an inch and half tall. That’s means only one thing, it’s time to deploy the Peasticks that I half-inched borrowed from a local estate. My Peasticks lead a […]

Peas Proving Difficult

I sowed some more Peas in lengths of guttering today – why? because the last two sowings didn’t even bother to appear! They just rotted, in situ. Humph! I’ve never really had this problem before. In 2008 I was transferring them into the ground by April 6th! And I can’t even look at the 2007 […]

When to Pick Peas

Yesterday, I picked my first Peas. Most of them were delicious. However, there was the odd pod or two that didn’t quite taste as good as the rest. But why? The answer is I’d left them on the plant just a tad too long. What you’re looking for is Peas that are round and green […]

Time to Start Watering Peas

Once the pods have started to appear on your peas it’s time to start watering in earnest. A good drenching each day will help the peas swell inside the pods and produce, fat, juicy, super-sweet peas.