Peas Are Fab Aren’t They?

Home-grown Peas. You really can’t beat them. I love the way the plant itself is so fresh and green. It’s the very epitome of Spring. The leaves are intricate and interesting. And catch the light beautifully.

The flowers are small and pearly white and hide from view like they’re shy of something.

And then one day you notice that there are not one, not two, not even three, four or five pods appearing. They’re everywhere. And the more you look the more you find. They’re all green and they make that squeaky noise when you touch them.

Peas – quite possibly the greatest vegetable of all.

11 Comments on “Peas Are Fab Aren’t They?

  1. Fresh peas are fantastic! You can also, I learned from a local co-op, cook with pea shoots–good in salads or stir fries.

    My favorite way to eat peas, though, is snap off a handful or so passing through the garden on my way for a long, leisurely walk.

  2. My peas always seem to be the sacrificial element in our garden. No matter where I’ve sited them – and this has gone on for 5 years now, in 2 different houses – they are inevitably gobbled to death by SOMETHING.

    Ho hum.. at least this year I can expect my usual paltry number of peas and a purposely sowed glut of French beans!

  3. I had the first of my peas tonight in a pea and parmesan risotto – lovely. Even though they are 18 and 16 my daughters still squabbled over who shelled them!

  4. hee-hee! Pete I guess she just likes whatever is in season best :-)

  5. They’re fab, I snook a fist ful of pods into my sons school lunch box this morning as a surprise!! He’ll be made up, he’s been threatening to pick them for about a week!

  6. I’ve been growing peas in a trough for their tops to go in salads and recently I used them in a cabbage stirfry! Tasty!

  7. We always love fresh peas but it is quite a job keeping the children off them so there are some left for the adults. I grew my first lot three years ago and have just kept going with them, a great addition to any garden

  8. I’m with Sophie on the peas – the slugs and snails in my garden absolutely love my pea plants, and they always get thoroughly chomped before any pods have the chance to develop. So I’ve taken to growing peas for their shoots instead. As long as I site them somewhere reasonably snail-free, I do at least manage to get a good crop of shoots. I love pea shoots in salads – what a fantastic taste. Growing salad leaves (pea shoots, rocket, leaf lettuce, spring onion etc.) has been the most rewarding part of vegetable gardening for me so far.

  9. I’ve been growing pea shoots for the first time this year. I bought a box of Batchelor’s Bigger Dried Peas for about 40p and was amazed that nearly all of them germinated. I sow them in seed trays about an inch apart and harvest them when the shoots are about 6 inches high, which takes about 3 weeks. Delicious and an easy addition to salads.