Pumpkins Galore!

Gosh! It seems too early to be really beginning Autumn but the temperature has dropped and my Pumpkins are ready!. I’ve harvested two large Red Warty Thing pumpkins. Six Pumpkin Pie’s and about 15 Acorn Squashes (that taste really nutty by the way).

I’m very happy about everything. Except the Autumn bit that is!

4 Comments on “Pumpkins Galore!

  1. That’s a decent crop. I wish I had space for pumpkins and more squash myself. Is Red Warty Thing their actual name?

  2. What a lovely harvest! Our squashes have not done so well – 3 fruits from one “Uchiki Red Kuri” plant and none from the butternut squashes. The weather has been too cold and wet in August, so the fruit setting was poor and then the fruits rotted.