My Veg Box

One of our neighbours kindly gave us a table football for our boys to play with. So I gave him this little veg box from my garden. I had great fun putting it together. I lined the box with brown paper and picked all the stuff that was ready. Then I tied a bunch of Spring Onions with string, and some Basil too. And bagged up some of my saved seed, Parsnips, Bush Beans, Poppies and Sweetpeas and left it on his front porch. He said, ‘Thanks very much but what is the long curly thing?’ – Tromboncino.

3 Comments on “My Veg Box

  1. What a wonderful gift to receive! At the moment we have a surplus of the small and very sweet Mirabelle plums and I am giving some away but without putting much thought into packaging. Your gift is certainly much more beautiful!

  2. Your homegrown produce looks absolutely beautiful and I am sure it was gratefully received.

    Here in South Australia it’s the end of winter and I can hardly wait to get some lovely summer veggies like yours in the soil.