Purple French Beans


I’ve been harvesting my purple French Beans (also called Bush Beans) and there are tons and tons of them. Once the bushes get to a certain size they just keep pumping out the beans, non-stop. Unfortunately, they don’t stay purple and turn green when you cook them. But they still look amazing on the bush and when you pick them. I love the deep colour and the lightly furry skin which again disappears when you cook them. You can also eat them raw, of course, and they give a great crunch when sliced into a salad.

I always sow French Beans late in the season as they are a really good second crop and will still produce right up until the first frosts if you time it right. They also don’t take up much room and you can plant them really close together and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. I’ve seen them growing in the fields planted maybe two or three inches apart. A very versatile crop.

4 Comments on “Purple French Beans

  1. Lovely beans. I’ve got hundreds of green French beans at the moment, they really do produce an amazing amount for such little plants, they’re fantastic.