Four Cute Ideas


I love volunteering in other people’s gardens because they always have great ideas that I could never come up with myself. These ideas come from the Washington county Master Gardeners demo garden. This is a bean support made out of an old bicycle wheel.


These old coffee cans serve three purposes to keep out slugs, keep warmth in and help direct water to the roots.


This anti-cat device deters cats from pooping in the garden.


This bean wigwam is open at one side so that the kids can play in it. So simple.

3 Comments on “Four Cute Ideas

  1. I am growing several mayonnaise buckets of sweet peas using an old mini greenhouse frame, will post a picture if it works and is cute!

  2. I love the the coffee pot idea. I have never thought of that before. So simple. The bike wheel was clever. I shall try this, as I have some spare!

  3. I love the bean wigwam idea. Such a simple concept but one that I’m sure kids will love. I don’t hold much hope for the produce once it starts to grow though, as if the kids are anything like my family’s, it will be eaten very quickly.