Radish Picnic


We went on an impromptu picnic by the canal today so before we left I ran out and picked a few things for the basket including my newly bulbed up Radish. These went into my tuna salad sandwiches along with Little Gem and some Chives. We also had some Mange Tout with Humous and New Potato salad. Plus a couple of beers obviously!

6 Comments on “Radish Picnic

  1. That sounds very summery. Last year I made the mistake of leaving the radish to grow big a peppery so I am taking great care to pull them early this year and I can’t believe how sweet they are! I am also very impressed by how much you are growing without the allotment, do you miss it at all?

  2. Sounds delicious! I’m growing a few of a variety of salad leaves and radish and there lovely in a mixed salad. They are so much tastier when they are so fresh.
    I love your blog and you up date regularly too. How do you have the time for everything now?

  3. I just love growing radish. They remind me of my very first experiences of growing veggies as a child – along with everyone else I suspect?

  4. Hi Amy – yes I miss the allotment. It’s the space I miss more than anything. I can grow everything I want to in my garden but I can’t grow a lot of it. For instance I am only growing one variety of potato – If I had an allotment I would grow at least 5. I miss having basket loads of strawberries, raspberries, peas – enough room for 3 pumpkin plants – that sort of thing. What I don’t miss is the weeding and the feeling of guilt every time I arrived at the allotment to find that the weeds had take over!

  5. Hi Sue – it’s very tough finding the time to blog with a 3 month old baby requiring your attention. However, I’m not working at the moment so when the little one is asleep my favourite thing is to get out into the garden, take some photos and blog.

  6. I love that the beer is an “obvious” element of the picnic. It seems that we may have some aspects of gardening in common after all! Even though I can only seem to grow ridiculously large zucchini…