Massive Strawberries


Whoa! Look at the size of them! I don’t think I’ve ever managed to grow strawberries this big. I can only put it down to the sizable amount of wood ash that I dumped on them in early spring. Whatever I did – it worked. Obviously I have more than two! I’m thinking about grilling them in some Pimms and serving them with vanilla ice-cream. What do you think?

13 Comments on “Massive Strawberries

  1. It is interesting that you put wood ash on your strawberries. I was recently told by a professional gardener that strawberries prefer an acid soil, which is why he was growing them under blueberries. I think I shall try and see what one of my books says on the matter, if anything.

  2. Get the Wimbledon feeling and have them with champers! We’ve had a bumper weekend, with our first new potatoes, first broad beans and first strawbs – all tasted fab and it makes all that digging worthwhile!

  3. It seems the strawberry harvest is big everywhere… A few weeks ago I already asked my blogreaders for their favorite strawberry-recipy, as I didn’t have any inspiration myself anymore…

  4. With the Pimms sounds nice… , although my grandaughter makes short work of them straight from the plant! As I’ve never grown them before, so long as they grow I’m happy!

  5. P.S. love the blog, new to this too… can you tell? lol

  6. Sorry to ask a dumb question, but how do you grill the strawberries in Pimm’s?

  7. my landscaper yanked all my strawberries out thinking they were weeds. i’m still so bitter! they were 2 years old!

    yours look delish…

  8. My strawberries are growing, but never make it to harvest before a pest takes a bite and leaves the scene. Any ideas or solutions?

  9. Ash is certainly a magic secret for strawberries. I lived in Ecuador for awhile and one year there was a volcanic eruption that spewed ash all over the country. A few months later the strawberry crop EXPLODED. It was a sweet ending to a dusty couple of months!