Saving space with Lettuce

lettuce This is a photo of the lettuce patch at my new plot, mttp. The view is pretty amazing from here and I like to sit and watch the horse in the field every now and again. In a bid to save space I have planted small lettuce seedlings in between the larger lettuce. You might just about be able to see them in the photo. The idea is that when the larger lettuce are ready for harvest and have been pulled up the small seedings will be growing well and will fill the gaps made by the larger ones. I have sowed some new seed in the propagator so that I can start the whole cycle again once they are big enough.

4 Comments on “Saving space with Lettuce

  1. A plot with a view! Very nice. Nice lettuce plan too. I haven’t been by for a while, but I’ll be back to see how you’re progressing. I planted lettuce among my small broccoli seedlings, only to have the broccoli soon cover all. I am harvesting the lettuce for salads each day so nothing lost. I have gone back & seeded more lettuce in other empty spaces, however.

  2. Yep broccoli with pretty much consume anything underneath it. Mine is growing nicely under some netting to fool the cabbage white butterflies. It seems to be working!

  3. ooh what a view. you make me quite homesick (i live in Johannesburg). lovely idea with the different kinds of lettuce. I do the same with different sizes and colours and always leave one of each to go to seed. Have lettuce year round without planting a seed. Re your carrots – I have the same problem. they were planted over a month ago but the only thing sprouting is weeds. looks like a carrot free year for all of us.