spiders Look away now if you don’t like spiders. I found this little clutch of spiders on a Hebe in my garden. I wasn’t sure what it was at first but it looks like they’ve just hatched and are huddling together for protection. Does anyone know why they do that? They’re very tiny!

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5 Comments on “Spiders

  1. I guess it’s a safety-in-numbers thing. I had some in my garden last year and they remained together or a few days before heading out on their own (or getting eaten by something I didn’t spot!).

  2. did they stick around in your garden all summer? It’s just we had some monster spiders here by the end of the summer and I don’t fancy the thought of 1000s of huge spiders roaming around my herbaceous borders!

  3. great picture! I dont mind spiders, hopefully they are going to eat all the green and black fly! good idea with your succesional lettuce, I am trying to do that this year.

  4. Lovely – all together!
    We’ve got those (again) this year. They don’t really get bigger than a 5p unless they’re pregnant, so don’t worry if they hang around.

  5. Hi,
    I talk from experience of loking aroun in the gardens (I spend a lot of time watching bugs, I love it)
    There are two possibilities:
    1) Spiders lay eggs in a sack. each sack contains hundreds of mini spiders. Usually, the sider carries the sack around, like a nice mom she is… sometimes, the sack sticks on a web, and, when it opens, all the babies stay a while on it.
    2) I think it is the most likely here: few species live in societies, why they do that, I ignore but it certainly is amazing. there is no queen there, all are equal, I remember a documentary where spiders were moving alltogether in a certain rhythm so that they could detect when a prey was caught in the web, disrupting the harmonic movement.

    Any way, these types of spiders are good for the garden, they eat other bugs that cause problems.