Spring Salad

Just picked this gorgeous Spring Salad from the garden. Everything in this bowl comes from mtp and I’m so happy that all the different salad leaves have grown the way I wanted them too.

In the bowl is All The Year Round Lettuce, Lollo Rosso Lettuce, Corn Salad, American Cress, NZ Spinach leaves and Mustard Greens.

This year I have made a conscious effort to not grow ‘just Lettuce’. Lettuce is amazing when it’s home-grown but if you throw in just a few other items the salad you end up with is soooo much more interesting and colourful. Plus you can adjust the tastes depending on what kind of salad you are making (do I want spicy flavoured leaves, or do I want the salad dressing to do the talking?).

Sarah Raven suggests picking a few leaves from each plant and rolling them into a cigar shape, take a bite and that’s your salad. It really does work!

Am particularly impressed with my American Cress that, quite frankly is the most watercressy thing I’ve ever tasted. And… it has a bit of a kick to it too. There is tons more where this came from. Hmmm… I might have to have a Salad party to ensure we can eat it all.

10 Comments on “Spring Salad

  1. JEALOUS!! It looks scrumptious!! Enjoy!! xo

  2. It looks lovely, I’ve got a few different leaves on the go, some spinach and rocket for a bit of bite.

  3. Love fresh home grown salad! I’ve grown lots this year including oriental mustards which are positively explosive when the leaves get a little older (I had one leaf that made my eyes water!). Love the corn salad but it takes an age to grow compared to other salad leaves. Blood veined sorrel adds a nice citrus zing to the mix. So nice in summer being able to pick fresh salad for lunch.

  4. I planted a couple of rows of mixed salad leaves under cover in a raised bed and it was delicious, but we ended up with a mountain of leaves – couldn’t give it away fast enough! A little more thought and planning required in my little plot I think!

  5. I have a lots of spinach. I make spinach pesto. It was yummy. I need more variety in my greens. Thanks for your suggestions.

  6. Oh my word that is just gorgeous! What’s the dark green leaf top left please?

  7. I too had a nice mix of homegrown salad leaves on Friday evening consisting of – Lollo Rosso, Baby Cos leaves, Spinach, Rocket and I also added some parsley and pea tops. Like you mtp I was so happy to be eating a mix of freshly picked salad leaves! There is something so rewarding when eating homegrown produce!