Cute Path Idea – The Courts Garden, Holt

I recently visited The Courts garden in Holt, Wiltshire. It’s a beautiful but compact garden and part of it is given over to a small kitchen garden surrounded by box bushes. The garden has a very ‘natural’ feel with most of the pathways blending in with the backdrops. Here they have used natural materials to denote pathways.

The gardener has used branches (maybe prunings from the fruit orchard?) as borders from this small herb bed. They have used thick branches to form the main pathway and smaller, thin branches to mark out the beds. Informal but very effective.

5 Comments on “Cute Path Idea – The Courts Garden, Holt

  1. This is a great idea – I never seem to be able to find straight branches like this though!

  2. Definitely has a certain charm about it but wonder if it’s the perfect spot for slugs to hide under – Eeek! :)

    Love the chive flowers, one of my favourites. There’s something about them that personifies spring and summer to me (they’re delicious too!).

  3. If those are prunings from trees, I’d hate to see the secateurs!

  4. I also use branches/logs as beds to grow vegetables and herbs. My herb bed is a large triangle, I love the natural look they create.