The Right Way to Freeze Raspberries

right way to freeze raspberries
There is a right way to freeze raspberries – ie by laying them out on a baking sheet (or half a cereal box as you can see here) and freeing them individually. Once you have done this you can put them into a smaller container and use a handful at a time over the winter.

Of course, the wrong way to freeze raspberries is to just chuck em in some tinfoil one minute before you rush out the door. That way is not so versatile.

5 Comments on “The Right Way to Freeze Raspberries

  1. I LOVE this post – the disaster (that’s what I generally do), and the very Blue Peter use of a cereal packet, rather than one of Lakeland’s solutions

    Thanks for sharing


  2. You’re so right! they freeze well, in fact I took a box of frozen raspberries to work one day, they hardly mushed up at all, I could eat them as if they were fresh when they thawed.

  3. Ahhh… so it wasn’t such a great idea to clean my ten cartons of raspberries (on sale- don’t have my own garden yet) and dump them in a plastic bag to freeze? I guess that would explain why I have to smash them on the counter to break them up a little bit for fruit shakes. :) Thanks for the tip on the “right way”!

  4. Brilliant! Just cut a Cheerios box in half, my wife will be well impressed when she sees two trays of freshly picked rasps in the freezer!

  5. Do I have to wash the raspberries first if I’ve just picked them from the bushes outside my kitchen door? Will washing them make them go a bit mushy? Other websites have advised rinsing them in cold water and then draining in a collander. What do you say the right way is?