Sweetcorn’s Not Ready Yet

sweetcorn not ready
Nooooo… I’m not ready for winter yet. My sweetcorn has just about produced its tassels and they’re no-where near brown yet. Come on just a couple more weeks. That’s all I’m asking. It would be a small disaster if I didn’t get to taste any buttery sweetcorn this year. I’ve grown them from seed, fed them, nurtured them through tropical storms. Don’t let me flounder at the last hurdle. Cruel world!

11 Comments on “Sweetcorn’s Not Ready Yet

  1. Now I AM a bit worried for you here… I fear you’re going to get timed out on sweetcorn. In the south-east, at least, it definitely feels like 20 degrees won’t happen again until June. Here’s hoping you get some kind of crop…

  2. I have 9 sweetcorn plants that I have grown from seed. Although some of them have brown tassles and I have eated three of the cobs, which I hasten to add were gorgeous, the kernels at the top of the cobs were not fully developed.

    Good luck with them.

  3. I’m also waiting – my corn is looking very sorry for itself this year – the kernels are not complete, tassles are going brown but slowly, very slowly …..

  4. Lovley to stumble across your blog – and you’re in Bath! We allotment in Nottingham but I grew up in Bath and am due to go back on 6th Oct for an old school reunion (25 years since we left)- think your weather is milder than up here with us – I don’t think our corn is going to make it – but I hope yours does.

  5. Oh no! How frustrating, not being able to eat them after all that. I only got two cobs off mine, the plants were pretty pathetic. :(

  6. That’s what this time of year is all about isn’t it? How much longer can I leave my produce to ripen a bit more vs. when will the first frosts come and ruin everything I haven’t gathered in already. It’s nerve wracking. Allotment gardening is not for the faint hearted.

  7. I’d given up on my rather stunted sweetcorn: they ground to a halt at 3 feet high. However, in the last week the tassles have gone brown and they look well-formed. Don’t give up yet!

  8. Just found your blog after randomly finding it about 6 months ago and not saving as a favourite and losing it again!!

    First year of allotmenting for us, and I was very pleased with the apparent success of the sweetcorn but at this stage now with brown tassles having appeared and fallen, opening the cobs seems to still show only about a third or a half of the corn kernels having ripened? So we were presuming this meant they weren’t ready yet?

    We have a couple left but now looking very sorry with the wind and rain.

    Cheers then, and looking 4ward to following yr blog more!