Very First 2011 Harvest

Harvested our first crop of the season – Radish. I gave Jackson the honour, he pulled it up by the leaf and kept it at arms length until I had identified it. Then he said, “Can I eat it?”. Well yes of course you can. So I washed it and sliced it and gave him some to try. Predictably, he spat it out and said, “I don’t like that.”

Well, Radish is an acquired taste, even for some adults!

16 Comments on “Very First 2011 Harvest

  1. I tried pulling up one of our radishes today… but they are ar tough as old boots! Not enough watering me thinks. Nevermind still time to resow and try again!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. That’s a very beautiful radish – you must have been quick off the mark for sowing! early March?

  3. Well done I’ve only just sown some! My two love picking them as well and, as you say, don’t like the taste. Still they eat a fair bit off the plot so I can’t complain. Here’s to many more 2011 harvests!

  4. A perfect radish it is to! The start of many lovely pickings I’m sure.

  5. Mine are nowhere near that size yet! When did you plant them? I wonder whether if you get Jackson to sow the next lot whether that might make him like them more? Perhaps with a little butter and salt on the side? I’ve got a packet of mixed radish seeds, and some of them are definitely not so hot as others …

    Wonderful pic!


  6. Ha ha! typical kids, my boy would have done the same, but at least he showed interest and tried it!!

  7. Wooo Hooo… the first bite from the garden… Little ones make such great helpers in the garden…I agree… the radish is not for everyone… But I LOVE then :)

  8. Looking good. Not sure what’s going to be first out of the ground for me. I’ve never actually eaten anything I’ve grown in the garden so can’t wait.

    Good luck with the rest of your veg.


  9. My small has taken to picking lettuce seedlings, munching on them and then being concerned by the soil. Hmmm, I wonder where she learned that? Possibly I need to work on her not just picking random plants to eat.

  10. I think that Jackson’s right on with his radish review. Although, I do like them roasted in combination with other root vegetables.

  11. That’s a nice looking radish. Good for him for giving it a taste, My kids like to try stuff from the garden — big bunches of raw spinach straight from the beds (with the aphids washed off first…).

    As for the radish, I’m not a fan of eating them raw, but it’s great as a fridge-pickle shredded with carrot.

  12. My youngest daughter had the same reaction – too spicy apparently. My older daughter’s says she likes them as long as she chews them quickly before they taste too strong!

    They seem to enjoy growing radishes though as they are such a quick crop.