Blueberry Pie

Not exactly cake but baking at least. I decided to use up the Blueberries from the freezer since there is precious little in the garden right now. A pie seemed the sensible option and a good excuse to get my pie dish out.

I made the pastry in the usual basic pie crust way – with a little help of course. We even made an err.. sort of, pastry snowman out of the left over bits.

I blind baked the base, weighted down with kidney beans and parchment.

The filling is so simple. Just Blueberries (550g), juice from one Lemon, lemon rind, 100g of caster sugar and a spoonful of cornflour to thicken. Then you let the oven do the work and cook it for 50 minutes at 170 degrees C. I think I’ll use more cornflour next time as the water from the frozen blueberries meant that the filling wasn’t as gloopy as I’d like.

But warm Blueberry pie with ice-cream? Wow! The boys had never had that before and by the end they were practically bribing me for more.

7 Comments on “Blueberry Pie

  1. I have two Blueberry Bushes in large pots, as you know they prefer acid soil!

    We tend to have them as a nibble but i’m going to try your pie idea!

  2. That pie looks so delicious! We’ve still got hundreds of apples left over from last year’s bumper crop so I’m planning to make lots of stewed apple and apple sauce today, as well as an apple pie for the weekend. It so great having all these free apples… it’s saving me a small fortune! :)
    Have a great weekend xx

  3. I am in love with your pie dish!
    Whare did you get it? Is it available in the shops?

  4. That looks amazing! So nice that your kids loved it too. I lovingly baked my boy a chocolate sponge yesterday, only to be told it was ‘the wrong kind’! Can you believe it!!

  5. Wow that pie looks gorgeous and I agree with Wendy, how do we get a super duper pie dish like yours?

  6. The mouth waters just looking at those gorgeous juicy berries. In the summer we may have our gardens, but in the winter we still have our freezers and larders! Yum.