Cool Seed Potato Display

I went to my local garden centre to see what seed Potatoes they had and found they had done this really cool Potato display. They could have easily just chucked the Potatoes in boxes and left it at that but someone had really gone to town with the display. Not only could you buy in bags but you could also do a ‘pick and mix’ style shop and fill an egg box with different varieties. This is great if you have a really small garden and don’t have room to plant a whole bag full of second earlies.

They also wrote up some boards with some ‘Potato Facts’ – like “In October 1995, the potato became the first vegetable to be grown in space. NASA created the technology with the goal of feeding astronauts.” And also some boards telling you how to grow Potatoes.

It’s not rocket-science and of course it’s all designed to entice you to buy seed Potatoes. But I just love the passion behind this. You can tell that they both grow and sell Potatoes. And they love doing it.

And after all this they did make a sale – I bought a bag of Highland Burgundy Red.

10 Comments on “Cool Seed Potato Display

  1. Which garden center is that? It isnt Fred Dawes. Big seed potato show coming up in Marshfield next Saturday 28th.

  2. I recommend putting some Tapioca in the base of the pie, before adding the fruit. Tapioca has no taste and just gets absorbed with the lovely juices, that the fruit let go of during baking. I did that last summer with a raspberry pie and it worked wonders.

    I made an Austrian Guglhupf from my Granny’s recipe for the weekend. Should you ever run out of baking ideas, let me know. It tastes wunderbar, every time.

  3. I only grew two varieties last year: Rocket (first earlies) and Desiree (main). This year I’m going to buy individual tubers – probably 4-6 each of several different varieties. Should be fun.

  4. Lovely display. The pick and mix choice is a great idea. I find the bags are too big and it would be nicer to be able to buy smaller amounts of different varities.

  5. This is such a cool display. And great you can pick and mix, it’s annoying to have to buy a big bag of seed potatoes when you only can fit in about a quarter of them in your garden!

  6. Great display. I love growing seed potatoes but only have a tiny garden. Last year I grew them in a compost bag (half full with compost with a couple of holes in the bottom for drainage) and it worked really well.

  7. Love your post and photos, as always! Let us know how the Highland Burgundy Reds turn out.

  8. My local garden centre also has a massive display of different potato varieties on a large table in crates.

    I counted nearly thirty varieties!

    I’ve decided not to grow them this year as I can get them so cheaply from a farm shop. I’ll be using the space to grow some of the more expensive beans and peas

  9. In our garden center the seed potatoes have arrived too, but on my allotment I’m only allowed to grow potatoes bought via our organization… Guess I’ll just have to wait a few more weeks… *sigh* I’m not so good at waiting when it comes to gardening :)