Raspberry Milk

I know this is weird but I have a Raspberry glut. My Autumn Raspberries are producing at such a rate that the three of us can’t keep up with them. Infact, we’re a little bit sick of eating Raspberries (when I say we, I don’t mean a certain 2-year-old who is happy to eat them for breakfast, dinner and tea!).

So, I decided to make some Raspberry milk with the surplus. Just a cup full of milk in the blender with a handful of Raspberries. That’s all. No sugar needed.

Then serve to your waiting customers.

8 Comments on “Raspberry Milk

  1. That raspberry milk looks delicious!

    I’m curious, how many raspberry plants do you have?
    and how many do you get from each plant?

    I was thinking to get some berry plants this year but i don’t have more space.

  2. Hi Fer,

    I have around 7 plants but they have been in the ground about three years and have spread quite a lot. I need to purge some this Winter, I think.

  3. Wow, so many, no wonder you have surplus.
    I might go for boysenberries or blueberries next year if i have space but I’ve heard they are tricky

    Thanks for answering!

  4. I love that idea!! I was given three plants in the spring and told we wouldn’t get fruit until next year but they’re growing thick and fast. Not to the scale of yours of course, but enough that every time I pop into the garden I have a ready made snack! It helps that the MIL’s dog likes over ripe ones too, he’s been helping me eat them!

  5. Oh no, how could you ever get sick of raspberries??? ;-) They are my favourite fruit.

  6. Ohhhhh how I would LOVE a raspberry glut! I could live on raspberries alone and nothing else! I haven’t got any yet as this is the first year I’ve ever grown anything, plus my garden’s not that big, but I’m definitely getting some next year. When I was growing up we had masses of wild raspberries nearby and I used to make raspberry milk back then. Lovely :-)