Photo Mission: Annual Veg Show

Our local village is celebrating the centenary of its annual flower show – and I’m planning to enter. I’m not sure what I’ll enter yet, it could be a vegetable or possibly some fruit, or even ‘a Floral Arrangement in a Wine Glass’, or I may convince Jackson to do an ‘Animal Using Veg, Fruit and Flowers (cocktail sticks may be used)’. Who knows?

But this whole thing got me thinking; we should have a mini Flower Show of our own, right here. Where you can display the fruit and veg (and flowers too) that you’re most proud of. Of course, points will be awarded for a photo well taken, and special care should be afforded to the presentation of said fruit and veg items. The use of doilies and fancy crockery is positively encouraged. And a prize will be given to the best in show.

Categories are as follows:

  • Display of home-grown vegetables (singular or assorted)
  • One or a collection of home-grown fruit
  • Cutting Flowers
  • Display of garden-grown herbs

The prize is this cute little Garden Kit from The Balcony Gardener. The kit contains a garden notebook, wildlife spotter notebook, stickers and a garden planner for drawing, doodling and making notes. The best in show photo will also make it onto the homepage of UKVG.

All exhibits to be staged by Monday 6th September (ie. sent to me via email at The judge’s decision is final and all exhibits not collected after the show will be auctioned in the raffle (because there has to be a raffle, right?).

10 Comments on “Photo Mission: Annual Veg Show

  1. Those tomatoes look so good!
    It’s almost like they were glass
    They would pass for Christmas tree spheres If they were hanging on a Christmas tree.

  2. what a brilliant idea. I’m off to Walkhampton Cottage Garden Show tomorrow to marvel at other people’s entries. Can’t wait.

  3. Your tomatoes look so beautifully red and shiny – how did you get them that way given the changeable weather we’ve had this summer?! I’ve grown 5 varieties of tomatoes this year but only one of them has produced edible fruit – one giant gnarly marmande of which I’m inordinately proud (and which was very very tasty!) Piccie shall be submitted straight away! :)

  4. That plate is a classic of 50’s design I believe… the black and white goes well with the red tomatoes.

  5. OMG. I have that plate too… I rescued it from the tip because it was so cool….It shows off the tomatoes perfectly. Love the blog!