Plot meeting

So the plot meeting went off okay. Surprisingly quite a few people turned up despite the weather being pretty awful. We discussed a range of topics that are vital to allotment holders; mowing of pathways, the size and dimensions of the average toolbox, the pros and cons of public benches in the allotment (the concensus was that while practical they may become an open invitation for the local kids to come and hang out on them, which let’s face it, is ultimately bad). And we also discussed the annual rent (£10 for a full plot and £5 for a half plot (plus £2 water charge)). I still can’t get over how absurdly cheap it all is!
And then it was over for another year. The plot manager promised to send me some information on the history of the allotments, apparently there has been a site there since 1880 (or thereabouts) it would be great to hear about some of the people who have grown vegetables there. I’ll let you know when I get some interesting data.

5 Comments on “Plot meeting

  1. Wow, that is cheap! My (full) plot is £41 a year including water etc (although I’m a long long way from a tap and will need a VERY long hose in the summer!) plus I had to give a £20 key deposit!


  2. Hmm seems we’ve stumbled on a bargain then. I bet I’d still pay £41 a year just because I love it so much.
    Where are you based? We’re in Bath but I think our plot is cheap even by Bath’s standards.

  3. Just have to say, love the site. I am currently sorting out taking over ‘my’ allotment. Take it over in August when the current holders leave. Can’t wait.


  4. Hi Stuart – allotmenteering is great – a life changer. My one piece of advice is to make a plan. You can change it as you go along but knowing what you’ve planted where, when and of what variety it is essential. I couldn’t live without mine!

  5. You know what they say about all the best plans………… !!! And, I think I’m the winner in the best bargain stakes… I only paid £2.50 at the begining of the year for my half a plot for the whole year and I don’t pay anything extra for water. I knew it was wise to move to West Sussex last year!!