Week 9

Everything is happening at once at mtp. I’ve put the carrot seeds in (in two rows, 12cms apart), the leek seeds have been sown, as have the perpetual spinach. Also one of our neighbours (a different one) gave me some young cabbage plants and the cucumber plants are happily hardening off in the cold frame (now that I am a hardening-off expert). The best news this week is that the potatoes are coming up. I’ve never grown potatoes before so I had no idea what they were suppose to look like when they came up. When I saw the first shoots I have to admit that I had to dig one up just to make sure that it wasn’t a weed. When I had verified that it was indeed attached to a potato then I quietly reburied it and the celebrations began! I’m so excited to harvest potatoes from mtp in a few months.

2 Comments on “Week 9

  1. I double checked that my first potato was a potato and not a weed as well!

    Well done at getting in all your seeds!

    By the way, if you need more plastic edging I discovered that B&Q is cheaper than Homebase, I seem to be going through it at great speed!


  2. Thanks Anna – I’ll be making a trip to B&Q this weekend. We’re going through it like it’s going out of fashion too!