Can’t wait for the weekend

It’s only Tuesday and I can’t wait for the weekend to do more work on the allotment. Is that sad? Ryan’s getting excited too. I’ve decided to give over part of the fruit patch to a seed bed. There is already an area that looks like it might have been used for that. The plan is to buy a cold frame and use it to harden off young plants before they go into the ground. I had thought that it would be okay to grow cucumbers on the open plot but some posters on Allotments4all say not. So I’m taking their advice. A perspex one makes sense. Obviously I would go for a cedar frame I fear it may be out of my price range!

2 Comments on “Can’t wait for the weekend

  1. Like that frame! I just got one similar yesterday but cos I have a really poorly back I have opted for one which is tall rather than low and flat. I got mine from Two Wests & Elliott which is near me

    I noticed that there is a frame like the one you are on about available from B & Q and it’s under £30. I’d check that out. It does have polycarb top with timber frame.

    I have posted pics (or will be doing in a mo) on the A4A forum pages (growing under glass) Happy gardening. Like your site very much

  2. Thanks for the advice. I’ll be buying my frame next week. Haven’t got a big enough garden to keep it at home like yours (very nice pics btw) so mine will be living down at my tiny plot. Should be okay down there – the locals are very nice I picked up some free tools today from one of them!