Seeds are growing!

The seeds that I planted in the propagator at the weekend are growing already (well some of them are). The cucumber seeds have shot up to an unhealthy three or four centimetres, and the tomatoes are just popping their heads up. No show from the aubergines yet but maybe they’re late starters. It’s the first time I’ve grown cucumbers so I’m not sure if it’s normal that they should be so big so soon. I guess we’ll see if they’re some kind of giant breed or not.

5 Comments on “Seeds are growing!

  1. Found this through A4A – love your site! Looking forward to reading about your progress.

  2. Go cucumbers go!!! (Even though I don’t like cucumbers personally. They’re more wrong than celery!)
    Good luck with the aubergines.

  3. Thanks for your comments!
    Believe me nothing is more wrong than celery – I won’t be growing that stuff anywhere near my tiny plot. And if any of my neighbours grow it I will steal up to their plot under cover of darkness and purge them of their devil’s food – it’s for their own good!

    Thanks for dropping by Clare – Pumpkin Soup is cool. It has become my very first ‘Gardening blog’ link. It’s good to know there are people out there who also have “a digging assistant/enthusiastic vegetable-eater/Web site designer” as their other half.

  4. Hi! This is so fun to see what you guys are up to! Is the “digging assistant/enthusuastic vegetable-eater/Web site designer” my brother? :)

  5. oops I guess I really was naive back then – bless!