Goodbye Mr Heron

Goodbye Anna Maria. We’re travelling back to the UK today after a wonderful family holiday. It’s been one of the most amazing holidays I’ve been on. Idyllic location, fun times with family and totally relaxing. This is our pet Heron. He comes every day to fish off the deck here. This morning he was up super early to say goodbye to us. We’ll miss you buddy! See you next year :)

I’m sure the weather will be very different at home but I’m excited to get going with the new growing season. After seeing all the beautiful gardens here I’m raring to get back and start some sowing! And I’m eager to see how my coldframe seedlings are doing and whether my Peach frame is still standing :) I guess I’ll find out soon!

3 Comments on “Goodbye Mr Heron

  1. Glad to hear that you’ve had an enjoyable holiday. Now it’s on with the growing season.

  2. Lovely photo. Seems like the perfect place to chill out before all the garden work starts in earnest.

    We have just been and collected our first greenhouse, so I’m eager to get started too. We only started gardening last year (bought a house with a garden and were out of the starting blocks like greyhounds!!) but we had really bad hailstorms and the veggies got trashed several times, so we are trying the greenhouse this year to see if we can protect our stuff a bit better. It’s only a small “starter” one to see how it goes, but we’re hoping it’ll do the trick.

    So.. all we need now is for the snow to stop playing silly beggars and let the Spring begin properly and we’ll be off!! (We’re in Austria).

    Looking forward to a new year of hints, tips, tricks, advice and general garden chit chat. Love this site!

  3. Fabulous photo. Are you ready for the temperature change? It’s been blooming cold here.