Thinning my Winter Lettuce

About three weeks ago I posted this photo of my coldframe brimming with over-Wintering Lettuce. Since then the Lettuce has continued to grow, albeit slowly. Today, I decided to thin out some of the Lettuce as they were getting a little crowded. So I took out about half the original number. This sadly means I only have four or five of each variety (Winter Gem & Winter Density) but they’ll be bigger and healthier heads now.

The plants that were left I firmed in a little and gave them a little water. They should be all set now for their forthcoming growth spurt. I’m already looking forward to my first Spring salad. I even sowed some Radish alongside them which will hopefully be ready at the same time. Ahhh! It’s good to be back.

5 Comments on “Thinning my Winter Lettuce

  1. There’ should be more growth now that the warmer weather is on it’s way. You’ll be eating salad in no time.

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