It’s Only My Birthday!

I’m not one to shout from the hills about my birthday (she says, creating a whole post dedicated to that very subject!) but today was nice. Nothing special, just nice. I got lots of cards from family and friends which always makes you feel special.

My amazing husband brought me a piece of original art from San Francisco ‘and’ a T-shirt that says “Reality is for People Who Can’t Handle Science Fiction” – what’s not to like?

I got these beautiful flowers (including the essential ornamental cabbages) from my bestest friend. Plus a spa voucher from the guys at the office!

And…this beautifully handmade garden centre voucher. This one intrigues me. I love the fact that I have developed ginger hair and I’m carrying a pitchfork for some reason. Lovely!

18 Comments on “It’s Only My Birthday!

  1. Well, happy birthday then. May your life be filled with many more happy birthdays and the company of friends and family. And cake.

  2. Happy birthday! You should be proud to have received some handmade gifts! Love the piece of art.


  3. Oh it’s the British Gothic har har! I’d be more concerned about the disembodied head.

  4. Ahhh…too sweet! Happy Birthday from Philly! I hope that you get to bask in the afterglow for days to come!

  5. I’m glad you had a happy birthday. Looks like you were quite spoiled.

    So what are you going to get from the garden centre with your voucher for 25 pounds??

    I was out in the garden yesterday, raking up all the leaves, and boy am I aching today!! We haven’t been in the garden for a few weeks as there was nothing to do since we cleared everything away. It was good to be out there again – but I’d forgotten all the aches and pains that follow!!

  6. Hope you got our card

    Lots of love for your birthday and the rest of your 37th year (how old are you now :o) lol )

    Have a great holiday and we will catch up when you get back.

  7. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Enjoy- and hey maybe ginger hair is in your future- a bit of sunshine for the winter (mind you I have strawberry blond hair so I think ginger is a lovely idea)

    enjoyed your post tremendously!

  8. hope you had a great day, A garden centre voucher is always worth getting. – it was my birthday today, and I got a voucher for a Sarah Raven gardening course, – i’m soooo excited.

  9. Happy Birthday for yesterday,hope you enjoyed your day. it was mine on Friday.We all need to feel special now and again.Really enjoy your blog.

  10. Happy Birthday, I hope you enjoyed your birthday and had lots of cake.

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